About Elizabeth Summers

Leading from the front

I grew up overseas and have traveled extensively throughout the world. For now, I call Minnesota my home, where I live with my husband, two beautiful children, and our menagerie of pets. I am a Registered Nurse by trade with a passion for improving maternal and infant health on a global scale. I have a special interest in complementary and alternative therapies, including Reiki and Aromatherapy. In 2015, I completed a doula internship at the Minnesota Birth Center and this experience only further solidified my desire to impact in the lives of women and opportunities to give birth in accordance with their values, wishes, and desires.

I am a Yogi, dog-lover, and avid learner. When I am not serving women or attending networking events, I love to sit on the patio in my garden, walk barefoot in the grass, or take a walk with my German Shepherd dog Maya.


My Leadership Journey

Since launching my networking marketing business in 2007, I have developed a passion for leadership. I have embraced a number of leadership opportunities in the past and currently serve as the Secretary/Treasurer for my local Business Network International chapter, Business Beyond Fronteras.

Becoming a leader isn’t something that happens overnight. It isn’t a stagnant title either; on the contrary, it is an ever-evolving concept. We grow leaders when we grow ourselves and my story is no different. I immerse myself in personal growth and development daily, listening to the minds and hearts of leaders like Robin Sharma, Richard Bliss Brooke, and Debbie Neal.

I craft my leadership journey each day; learning from those who are world-class at what they do. But what does my leadership journey have to do with yours? No one rises to world-class without a tribe of mentors, colleagues, and guides. As an ever-evolving leader, my desire is to partner with you; sharing insights, wins, obstacles, and crafting a bold vision that encompasses your most audacious goals and passionate intentions.

I look forward to connecting with you!


Elizabeth Summers, RN, BSN
Pregnancy Coach, Birth Doula, & Registered Nurse
Owner & Founder of Elizabeth Summers Wellness

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