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A special welcome from Elizabeth Summers, wellness advocate, birth doula, pregnancy coach, mother, and network marketing leader! Thank you for visiting!

My passion is guiding women through pregnancy, birth and the transition to motherhood. I believe that knowledge is power; my wish is for you to tap into your inner strength, wisdom and the collective Sisterhood as you journey through life.

About Elizabeth…

Hi there! So excited you’re here. Let’s chat!

A little about me… I’m a nurse-by-trade turned entrepreneur. Since my OB rotation in nursing school, I knew that I wanted to support women in labor. I took a lot of turns in my journey to become a labor nurse, working in oncology and dialysis before finally finding my home in women’s health.

In 2011 I accepted a position as an OB clinic nurse working alongside midwives and discovered a need for more support for moms during pregnancy and postpartum. It seemed like there was never enough time in clinic appointments to get to the real issues that moms wanted to talk about. Topics would pop up that were important, but there just wasn’t the time to address them. I knew I wanted to create a community for moms to connect and get their questions answered.

I look forward to connecting with you!


Elizabeth Summers, RN, BSN
Pregnancy Coach, Birth Doula, & Registered Nurse
Owner & Founder of Elizabeth Summers Wellness

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